Soundproofing Friends and Experts

Soundproof Windows

A Soundproof Window will considerably reduce high frequency noise levels. Much better than standard replacement windows, soundproof windows will act as a sound barrier and reduce your noise problem.

Erskine Group Architectural Acoustics

For over 15 years our designers, engineers and craftsmen have been creating distinguished acoustic spaces for demanding clientele and bringing innovations such as Cinemascope to private home cinemas. In a world of instant gratification and Home Theater In-a-Box, we still take the time to define the result before we present a solution.

Carl Tatz Design

Carl Tatz Design offers design and consulting services to homeowners and entertainment industry professionals in areas of: Home Screening Rooms, Recording Studios, Monitor Systems, Dedicated Listening Rooms, Analysis And Tuning and Sound Isolation. Our many resources combine knowledge, experience and expertise in sound, picture and design to serve Carl Tatz Design clients nationwide.

Home Acoustics Alliance

Great Home Theater Sound through science. Find out why you home audio system is not complete without an expert calibration. HAA is the audio version of the Imaging Science Foundation.

Orfield Laboratories

Orfield Laboratories is a multi-disciplinary design, testing and research laboratory specializing in acoustics, airborne sound transmission loss (STC), vibration, impact insulation (IIC), testing and research.


To solve acoustic problems common to all rooms, RealTraps has developed a line of very high-performance acoustic treatment including bass traps, absorber panels, and diffusors.

AVS Forums

This forum dedicated to Home Theater and the products used

Home Theater Shack

A forum for discussion of home theater design, construction, audio and video electronics.

Pro Sound Web

Live Sound Reinforcement, Recording Studio, Pro Sound Audio, Audio Industry News

Steel Framing Alliance

One of the best and most feasible alternative building materials for construction.

Do It Yourself Forums

Question and Answer Forums for home improvement, home repair and remodeling


Home theater, audio, video and residential electronic systems you can trust.

HT Guide Forum

Home theater and audio video community. A large audio video discussion with 5000 members.

The Tape Op Message Board

Boards to discuss anything from gear to recording plus soundproofing

Gypsum Association

Is an association to promote the use of gypsum in the US and Canada

DTV Forums

Consumers exchange of information about digital television

Gearslutz Forum

Amateur recording engineers to share techniques and advice.

Contractor Talk Forums

Professional Contractors Discussing Business and Trade Knowledge.

Drywall Talk Forum

Professional drywall contractors discussing business and trade.

Brownstoner Forums

Construction opportunities for Cellar and warehouse building renovations in Brooklyn.

Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry

Provide services and activities to enhance and operate a successful business.


Dedicated to elevating the standards of excellence in the design, creation, installation and calibration of dedicated theater interiors.

John L Sayers Forum

Discuss the studios designed by John Sayers production.

Pro Audio Forum

Industry news, and global contact information for musicians and studios.

Studio Tips Forum

Specialized Acoustic Producers for studio acoustics, foams and floating floors.

The Noise Abatement Society

Seeking to eradicate unnecessary noise in all its forms.

Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound and Sound Pro magazines, covering hi-tech recording technology.

Fine Homebuilding Forum

Residential construction, home design, and renovation articles and videos.