IB-1 Clip Installation Overview

The IB-1 Sound Isolation Clip is an high performing decoupling value clip. IB-1 limits the connection points between the drywall and walls and ceilings framing

  • IB-1 Clips are attached to wood or metal framing.
  • Clips are spaced at prescribed intervals as shown above.
  • Install 7/8″ Drywall Furring Channel. Purchase Drywall Furring Channel locally for your best pricing.
  • Drywall is attached to the Drywall Furring Channel to complete the decoupling.

Mechanical Fasteners

Clip to Wood Framing: 1.25 inch screw length, #6 min. shank (coarse thread), bugle, or hex-head screws of equal or greater size. Minimum pullout shear: 108 lbs through clip to steel framing member.

Clip to Steel Framing: Install 1 inch screws (25mm) minimum length; #8 minimum shank; Type S (fine thread); bugle, or hex head screws to equal or greater size. Min. pullout shear: 108 lbs. through clip to steel framing member.

Drywall to Furring Channel: Use the appropriate length fine-thread drywall screws designed for use with 25 gauge steel framing. Install per local Building Code.

IB-1 Soundproofing Decoupling Clip

Fully illustrated Installation Manuals provided with product purchase.

IB-1 Install - Step 1 1 Take care to install the IB-1 tight to the framing member.
IB-1 Install - Step 2 2 Lift Drywall Furring Channel into place and squeeze to align into the IB-1 Clip.
IB-1 Install - Step 3 3 Snap Drywall Furring Channel into the IB-1 Clip.
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