IB-4 Isolation Bracket


The IB-4 Isolation Bracket is useful to connect inner and outer walls in a double stud format. This bracket can also connect a decoupled wall from the original foundation.

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The IB-4 Isolation Bracket is engineered to reduce vibration between the framing. Using the IB-4 Bracket increases the stability of decoupled walls, allowing both walls to support each other while remaining acoustically isolated.

Thermoplastic rubber limits vibrations from transferring into the body of the bracket and allows only minimal contact surface area with the structure. This Thermoplastic rubber maintains a decoupled environment within the assembly.


IB-4 Isolation Bracket Features:

  • Improves decoupled wall strength without compromising acoustical properties.
  • Uses heavy-duty bracket which is specially designed to help absorb vibration and minimize structure-borne noise
  • Incorporates thermoplastic rubber mount
  • Wall heights can be increased, eliminating the need for extensive bracing and oversized steel members.
  • Does not use a metal washer or metal insert in rubber.
  • Various fastening holes in bracket fixing surface for convenience.
  • Fully assembled.


IB-4 Technical Specs

IB-4 Bracket Dimensions

  • Length:  8 5/16″
  • Height: 1 11/16″
  • Width: 1 5/8″
  • Vertical Spacing: 16 or 24″


IB-4 Installation Instructions

  • Minimum gap between walls is 2”. Smaller gaps down to 1” can be achieved by fixing the bracket on a diagonal plane between the two walls. When mounting the bracket diagonally, extreme care must be taken to ensure the bracket’s fastening surface does not come into contact with the studs on the opposing wall.
  • Maximum gap between walls is 7.”
  • IB-4 Bracket to be fastened to structure with a minimum #8 screw or masonry sleeve anchors. Do not use “drywall screws” to attach the brackets.
  • When installing, ensure that no part of the two opposing structures are touching or has the potential to compromise the acoustical isolation of the two separate structures.
  • Confirm all load ratings with project engineers.