The PAC RSIC-1 is the original Resilient Sound Isolation Clip and has been around for years. UL fire rated, the RSIC-1 remains designed for use with various framing applications.

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RSIC-1 Resilient Sound Isolation Clips provide 2 unique approach’s to sound privacy that will prevent sound from noisy neighbors transmitting through your walls or floor/ceiling assemblies.

Experience with the RSIC-1 Clips has recorded remarkable improvements of up to an additional 20 STC points on walls. The RSIC-1-R designed to retrofit and improve existing walls and ceilings has shown to improve existing walls by as much as 8-10 dB (field tests).


RSIC-1 Technical Specs

  • Length: 3″
  • Height: 11/16″
  • Width: 1 7/16″
  • Vertical Spacing: 24″
  • Horizontal Spacing: 48″
  • Design Load: 36 lbs per clip

Drywall Furring Channel Specs:

  • Height: 7/8″
  • Width: 2.5″min. – 2.75″max
  • Length: Typically 12′
  • Splicing: 6″ minimum overlap, secure laps with 2 steel framing screws

How Clips Work

Sound Isolation Clips / Decoupling Clips

To properly isolate, we want to start with decoupled framing. This can be accomplished by using Soundproofing Clips and Drywall Furring Channel (Hat Channel / Track). This system performs two main functions. First, because rows are spaced in rows 24″ apart (generally), the drywall is attached with far fewer contact areas. Second, Soundproofing Clips and Drywall Furring Channel are resilient. They allow a wall to flex, and this increases sound isolation as well as lowering the troublesome primary low-frequency resonance point.

How Soundproofing Clips Work

How does Soundproofing Clips oscillation work
The second important feature of the resilient clip and channel array is the introduction of resilience. Because the Drywall Furring Channel is attached every 48” by a resilient clip, the 48” span is allowed to flex slightly. This flex is critical to the systems overall performance.


Quick Installation Instructions

How to install Soundproofing PAC RSIC-1

  • Install RSIC-1 at a maximum of 48 inches on center. (horizontal)
  • Fasten the RSIC-1 to the substrate with a fastener approved for a minimum pull-out and shear of 120 lbs.
  • Ensure the internal metal Ferrell is tight to the substrate.
  • Locate the first row of RSIC-1 clips within 3 inches from the floor and within 6 inches from the ceiling.
  • Snap in the Drywall Furring Channel into the RSIC-1 clips.
  • Install the gypsum board. Fill any gap with acoustical caulk.
  • Remove the shims after all gypsum board is completely screwed to hat channels.
  • Caulk around the entire perimeter of the gypsum board. Use fire and smoke rated acoustical sealant where required.

Clips Calculator

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