SPC Solution 2 – Soundproof Ceiling

Better Soundproofing Ceiling Solution

Decoupled Ceiling With Clip & Channel

For proper isolation from footfall impact, it’s necessary to install the ceiling drywall on its own independent suspension. The Clip & Channel oscillates and provides vibration isolation similar to your car tire. You can drive thru a pothole and only a small portion of the vibration is allowed to transfer to the car body. Same with the Clip & Channel system. How Soundproofing Clips Work

This system is missing the application of drywall and Green Glue to the underside of the subfloor (see Ceiling Solution 3). It is NOT recommended to skip this step, however we show the following options for example only.

This method adds Decoupling, Mass, Absorption and Damping, four of the 4 Elements of Soundproofing.

Additional Ceilings
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