SPC Solution 1 – Engineered Laminate Floors

Use Serena™ Underlay on TJI-Wood Joist to get and 54 STC and STC 53
Soundproof Floor: TJI Joist + TG OSB Subfloor + Serena Underlay + Laminate Floor

Unlike nailed wood floors, engineered floors require no fasteners to install. The engineered floor is “floating” on the Serena™ Underlay. Using Serena™ Underlay helps to decouple the floated floor from the original subfloor, reducing the sound traveling to the room below.

Serena Underlay install with floor adhesive and Engineered flooring
SPC Solution 1 with Serena Adhesive.

Note that because of the severity of the impact vibration, a layered approach is recommended if possible.

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  • Serena™ Underlay Mat

    Serena™ Underlay reduces footfall (impact) noise and airborne sound energy, all in one step. Serena™ Underlayment can be utilized on many floor types and available in multiple thicknesses.

  • Acoustical Sealant


    Green Glue Acoustical Sealant is an economical, water based sealant. Easy cleanup, exceptional properties and no VOC’s. Seal cracks and gaps in walls, ceilings and floors.

Soundproofing Floor Solutions

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