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Soundproof Materials for Walls, Ceilings, Floors and Rooms

A noise problem isn’t something you have to live with. The Soundproofing Company specializes in low cost, real world solutions. No hype, no high prices, just the high quality products you need to solve your noise probleme.

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  • Soundproof your floor with Serenity Mat. Stop the sound.

    Soundproofing Floors

    A noisy floor is a growing and significant issue since more people are opting for hard surface flooring. This creates distinct soundproofing challenges. We offer 3 SPC Solutions to solve your floor problem.
  • Install a soundproof Ceiling

    Soundproofing Ceilings

    Impact Noise coming through a ceiling is one of the worst soundproofing problems. A footfall imparts a violent level of energy into the ceiling. To overcoming this is a challenge we offer 3 Ceiling Solutions.
  • Learn how to soundproof a wall.

    Soundproofing Walls

    Common walls don’t offer much in the way of sound isolation. There are good approaches as well as bad. You only want to do this once. We outline 3 different lab-certified SPC Wall Solutions.

SPC – Flooring Solutions

SPC Floor Solution 3

If you are serious about a floor that performs at the highest level, then install two layers of plywood with Green Glue in between and 3/8" Serena™ Underlay to create a floated floor system. In real life installation this floor system performs better than any poured Gypcrete Floor at a fraction of the cost. SPC Solution 3

SPC Floor Solution 2

You would be surprised by the acoustical difference it makes gluing Serena Underlayment between two layers of plywood. Although this is not truly a decoupled floor system in is the next best thing. Use Serena Adhesive 5 gallon pails and a 1/8" square trowel to achieve 400 square feet coverage. SPC Solution 2

SPC Floor Solution 1

Adding Serena 3/16" Underlay to your floor assembly will increase your floors performance by 21-23 DB. This performance gain outperforms other underlayments due to our tested proprietary three rubber blend formula. Easy to install. Pallet ready for quick delivery. SPC Solution 1

SPC – Ceiling Solutions


SPC Ceiling Solution 3

SPC Ceiling Solution 3 is the most comprehensive ceiling solution. You are applying a treatment to both the subfloor above (where the problem starts) as well as to the ceiling below. Footfall noise is best dealt with from both the floor and ceiling. View SPC 3 Assembly

SPC Ceiling Solution 2

SPC Ceiling Solution 2 provides high performance for Airborne Noise. As there is no treatment to the subfloor above, impact noise can still be felt. If Impact Noise is the primary problem consider ceiling Solution 3. View SPC 2 Assembly
Soundproofing Ceiling - Double Green Glue - 5/8" Gypsum

SPC Ceiling Solution 1

SPC Ceiling Solution 1 is the least effective. The subfloor above is left untreated, and the drywall on the ceiling below is completely coupled to the joists. Adding a great deal more drywall and Green Glue only provides modest gains. Better to consider Solution 3 if possible View SPC 1 Assembly

SPC – Wall Solutions

SPC Wall Solution 3

The Double Stud Wall with Green Glue is your highest performing wall assembly. Currently most acoustical labs have a hard time plotting double wall performance accurately, as the wall often exceeds the flanking limits of the lab.  A drawback of this solution is that you are basically building two walls, which requires a significant amount of space. View SPC 3 Assembly

SPC Wall Solution 2

Using the IB-1 Soundproofing Clips and Green Glue is our most popular solution. This wall provides the performance you need as a minimal loss of space. SPC Wall Solution 2 provides the overall performance you need at the low, middle and high frequencies. This is also the most common clip application for commercial walls requiring UL Fire-Rating. View SPC 2 Assembly

SPC Wall Solution 1

Adding Green Glue and drywall directly to the existing drywall is common, however not as high performance as a decoupled Soundproof Clip Wall. Install on wall that have 24" O.C. framing. Green Glue is recommended over MLV, Resilient Channel, Soundboard, etc... View SPC 1 Assembly