SPC Ceiling Solutions – Soundproofing a Ceiling

Soundproofing Your Ceiling against Unwanted Noise

There are three basic levels of assembly that you can consider.  Keep in mind that ceiling isolation is often a combination of airborne and impact noise, so we’re looking to apply some treatment to the floor, as well as to the ceiling below as shown below.


SPC Ceiling Solution 3

SPC Ceiling Solution 3 is the most comprehensive ceiling solution. You are applying a treatment to both the subfloor above (where the problem starts) as well as to the ceiling below. Footfall noise is best dealt with from both the floor and ceiling. View SPC 3 Assembly

SPC Ceiling Solution 2

SPC Ceiling Solution 2 provides high performance for Airborne Noise. As there is no treatment to the subfloor above, impact noise can still be felt. If Impact Noise is the primary problem consider ceiling Solution 3. View SPC 2 Assembly
Soundproofing Ceiling - Double Green Glue - 5/8" Gypsum

SPC Ceiling Solution 1

SPC Ceiling Solution 1 is the least effective. The subfloor above is left untreated, and the drywall on the ceiling below is completely coupled to the joists. Adding a great deal more drywall and Green Glue only provides modest gains. Better to consider Solution 3 if possible View SPC 1 Assembly