SPC Wall Solutions – Soundproofing Walls

Soundproof Your Wall against Unwanted Noise

ICC - International Code CouncilNorth American Building Codes are not very helpful with noise levels. Commercial and residential walls built to code won’t satisfy most people.

If you’re going to solve your noise problems coming through the walls, you’ll have to go beyond Building Code.

Ideally, when trying to reduce sound it is very advantageous to apply the soundproofing materials on the noise-producing side of the wall. In a re-model, if your neighbor is the noisy one, you’ll have to treat your side.

Commercial steel stud walls can easily be upgraded, as between a salon and spin class in a strip mall. Standard drywall and insulation is used to contain costs.

SPC Solution 3 and Solution 2 have significantly better low frequency (bass) isolation. This makes them advantageous if music or sound systems are involved. Let’s take a look at each of these soundproofing solutions more closely.

Percent Increase by Loudness

SPC Wall Solution 3

The Double Stud Wall with Green Glue is your highest performing wall assembly. Currently most acoustical labs have a hard time plotting double wall performance accurately, as the wall often exceeds the flanking limits of the lab.  A drawback of this solution is that you are basically building two walls, which requires a significant amount of space. View SPC 3 Assembly

SPC Wall Solution 2

Using the IB-1 Soundproofing Clips and Green Glue is our most popular solution. This wall provides the performance you need as a minimal loss of space. SPC Wall Solution 2 provides the overall performance you need at the low, middle and high frequencies. This is also the most common clip application for commercial walls requiring UL Fire-Rating. View SPC 2 Assembly

SPC Wall Solution 1

Adding Green Glue and drywall directly to the existing drywall is common, however not as high performance as a decoupled Soundproof Clip Wall. Install on wall that have 24" O.C. framing. Green Glue is recommended over MLV, Resilient Channel, Soundboard, etc... View SPC 1 Assembly