Upgrading Comfort Inn’s Walls

Comfort Inn - WM Brown Construction Soundproofing Remodel
Comfort Inn Soundproofing Remodel The motel was scheduled for a remodel. One of the issues scheduled for upgrading was the sound isolation between units. Previously there was a single stud wall with single 5/8” drywall on each side. There were frequent customer noise complaints about occupants in adjacent rooms.

After considering many options including pre-fabricated “soundproof” drywall, Green Glue was selected to be used. An additional layer of 5/8” drywall and two tubes of Green Glue per 4’x8’ sheet was installed. All seams and outlets were sealed with caulk.

The remodel was contracted to WM Brown Construction


Green Glue Installed on 16" On Center Wood Framing


Comfort Inn & Suites
“Cost, performance, and speed of installation were the three driving factors considered.” “On a test wall, Green Glue passed the motel owner’s informal sound tests even before it was completely dry.” “When we first started this research (for sound isolation) we were concerned about finding a solution that was fast and required no special skill or training.” “After the furniture was moved, we could complete the drywall install (with Green Glue), sealing with caulk and first coat of mud in under 1 hour.” “We were able to conduct the remodel while the motel was still occupied. The smell of the Green Glue was so minimal.”
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